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About Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services specialize in assigning professional, quality personnel all over Israel, providing nursing care solutions for elderly, sick and disabled people in need of around the clock care in their homes, hospital or sheltered housing.

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services is one of Israel's leading companies in the field of medical nursing, nursing caregivers and migrant caregivers, with proven experience since 1995.

Throughout the years Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services has provided numerous services, assistance and support in the field of care giving, including help in obtaining the required permits from the authorities, to thousands of satisfied families who choose to employ a migrant caregiver to look after their loved ones.

The core of Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services’ activity is a variety of services given to the patients, which significantly improve their quality of live in their familiar environment and contribute to the stability which is so important to them.

What nursing care services do we offer?

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services offer pre-nursing services, assistance and guidance in employing a migrant caregiver, assistance to the beneficiaries of National Insurance benefit by law, private nurses who provide professional assistance and supervision of patients, and temporary caregivers to step in for the permanent caregiver or family members.

Monitoring and assisting in the process of introducing a migrant caregiver to the family will be supervised by an experienced social worker, knowledgeable in the nursing insurance regulations, bureaucracy and forms needed to employ a migrant caregiver in Israel.

The advantages of choosing a Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services caregiver:

Established and experienced company

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services has over 12 years of proven specialized experience. We use this experience and are attentive to the changing needs of the patients and the wishes of their families. We continually attempt to accommodate these needs and become more efficient all the time.

Personal professional service

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services is thorough in accompanying and supervising the whole process of introducing a migrant caregiver to his new home and caring for the wellbeing of the patient. We make sure we give personal attention and maximum thought to the satisfaction of patients and their families.

Not only in Israel

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services keeps in close contact with patients whose families live abroad, assisting them with all aspects of employing a migrant caregiver and integrating them in their lives, so that their relatives abroad can rest assured they are getting the best care even when they are not by their side.

Meticulous selection of caregivers

Men-Tal Care Service caregivers are of the most skilled and dedicated in Israel. Our candidates go through a meticulous selection process in which they must under go thorough medical checks (making sure they are not carrying any infectious diseases such as HIV-Aids or Hepatitis, and not pregnant etc.) and detailed in-depth interviews. The suitable candidates then undergo a training seminar in full-board conditions where they are introduced to household, caring and basic Hebrew skills. Only caregivers successful in completing the training course are accepted to work for Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services. All aspects of the candidates training can be reinforced if necessary according to the patient’s needs.

Choosing a caregiver

Men-Tal Care Service representatives make every effort to ensure an optimal suitability between patient and caregiver. When allocating the caregiver all aspects are considered, not only their professional experience and skills, but also their mother tongue, origin, personality and level of dedication.

Our experience proves that a joint decision which combines the patient’s wishes and their needs for care with the caregiver's background and mentality raises the chances for a successful match and thus contributes greatly to successful care.

Experienced caregivers to handicapped and disabled people

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services provides its customers with the most advanced care services in Israel, emphasizing the level of professional and experienced personnel.

The caregivers specialize in nursing care for people suffering from a wide range of ailments such as: Parkinson disease, Cancer, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Dementia, Blindness, eye disease, Joint diseases and physical disability. We also provide care for people recovering from hip replacements, those who suffer post-stroke symptoms, and people who are bed-bound.

We are acting to broaden the range of services available to our customers today and continue to provide them with the highest level of care as they deserve.

To contact us please call 1-700-700-455 or click here to leave your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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