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Migrant workers as caregivers:

Selecting caregivers to arrive from abroad to care for disabled Israeli patients is a complicated task which requires great experience, contacts, and sensitivity to the patients and their family’s needs in order to create the most suitable match.

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services specializes in the recruitment, migration training and assignment of migrant workers to care for the elderly, sick and disabled.

By legally employing migrant workers as caregivers, the patient can stay in their familiar surroundings, keep their routine, enjoy a personal, warm attitude and constant attention, and remain in their home environment that is so important to them at this time.

Employing migrant workers is more economical and provides a better outcome for the patient than moving to a nursing home, sheltered housing or any alternative other than the familiar beloved home.

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services has long-term working relationships with leading employment agencies abroad, and is bringing to Israel professional Pilipino caregivers as well as caregivers from countries such as Moldova, Ukraine, India, Sri Lanka and more.  

Before arriving in Israel the caregivers undergo a selection process in their country of origin. When arriving in Israel they meet with a social worker who gets to know them personally. The caregivers will be introduced to the patient only after undergoing medical checks and an uncompromising selection process.

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services representatives consider all the patient's needs to ensure the highest level of primary compatibility between the caregiver and the patient and therefore the highest probability of the caregiver’s integration in their new home.

If you are interested in employing a Pilipino caregiver or any other experienced, legally permitted caregiver to care for your loved one, please contact Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services for more details.

We offer assistance in preparing the official paperwork needed for the authorities, and accompany you from your first contact through the whole process of locating the right caregiver, bringing them to Israel, supervising and assisting the caregiver in the patient's home through to the end of the process.

It sometimes takes a long time for the close family to internalize that a dear relative is now in need of constant nursing care. In order to minimize changes to the family’s lifestyle, and to ensure that the living standards of the patient are maintained to the highest standards, Men-Tal Care Services offers a private nursing service and a pool of professional legal foreign caregivers.

These specialized caregivers come from south-east Asia and eastern European countries, and are trained and experienced to give the best care for the elderly, sick and disabled.

Men-Tal Care Services maintains close communication with the patient's family in Israel and abroad to ensure personal attention and to find the right nursing solutions for the patient and their family.

The standard of caregivers:

Men-Tal recruits nursing caregivers using employment agencies abroad. We make sure we recruit workers with high moral standards who can offer constant and personal contact with the patient. We emphasize matching the language ability of the caregiver as much as possible to that of the patient, contributing to successful communication from the start and easing the adaptation to the new situation.

The bureaucratic procedure of bringing migrant workers as caregivers:

Men-Tal Care Services has a close and continuous connection with the relevant institutions authorizing bringing migrant workers to work as caregivers in Israel.

Our company employs social workers who help you fill out and hand in all paperwork needed to get permission to bring a migrant worker to work as caregiver. This information must be submitted to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, The National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Interior.

Training of Nursing Caregivers by Men-Tal:

Migrant workers coming to Israel to work as caregivers for the elderly, sick and disabled undergo thorough medical checks before they are permitted to start working. Their character is examined prior to their arrival and they are asked to confirm their credibility and their ability to work under Men-Tal and physical burden, and be responsibility for the patient.

Men-Tal Care Services supplies the caregivers arriving from abroad with the details as to where they will work, who they will work for, where will they live and other relevant information to assist them feeling at ease when arriving in the patient’s home.

Integration of the caregivers in Israel:

Men-Tal Care Services closely monitors the process of integration of the caregiver into the patient’s home, and assists both sides when getting to know each other and starting this new relationship on the best terms possible.

We are conscious of how sensitive it is letting a stranger into your home. In our experience, a positive co-operation with the caregiver is beneficial to the patient who will then get a warm, professional, adequate care.

To contact us please call 1-700-700-45 to leave your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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