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Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services specializes in assigning professional, quality personnel for care and nursing care services all over Israel, providing adequate solutions for the elderly, sick and disabled in need of around the clock care in their home, hospital or sheltered housing.

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services is one of Israel's leading companies in the field of medical nursing, nursing caregivers and migrant caregivers, with proven experience since 1995. We are licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Labor to allocate caregivers for the welfare of the children and adults using our services.

We co-operate closely with specialized employment agencies in many different countries in south east Asia (such as Thailand and the Philippines) and in eastern Europe.

All Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services caregivers go through a meticulous selection process in which they must under go thorough medical checks (making sure they are not carrying any infectious diseases such as HIV-Aids or Hepatitis, and are not pregnant, etcetera), detailed in-depth interviews. They are also required to present a police certificate. The suitable candidates then complete a training seminar in full-board conditions where they are introduced to household, caring and basic Hebrew skills.  Only candidates who successfully complete the training course are employed by Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services and will arrive in Israel.  All aspects of candidates training can be reinforced if necessary according to the patients needs.

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services makes every effort to ensure that its patients will receive the full attention and care they need and deserve, and give you the piece of mind knowing there is someone who is concerned caring for your loved one’s needs at every moment.

To contact us please call 1-700-700-45 to leave your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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