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Men-Tal Care and personnel services specializes in the recruitment, migration, training and assigning of migrant workers as caregivers for the elderly, sick and disabled who need constant attention and care.

The aim of caregiver training is to help the patient to keep their daily routine, improve it if possible and give reassurance and peace of mind to the patient's family who invest their energy in ensuring their quality of life will be maintained.

Men-Tal Care and personnel services match the caregiver to the patient according to the patient’s specific ailments and restrictions, as elaborated upon below. This matching process also considers the patient’s age and sex.

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Men-Tal Care and personnel services also assign caregivers to people suffering from: Osteoporosis, joint diseases, eye diseases, dementia, diabetes, and bed bound patients and those recovering from hip replacement and CVI.

Caregivers for Parkinson disease:

Parkinson disease is a degenerative disease targeting the nervous system.

When deteriorating, the shaking which characterizes Parkinson's patients gets stronger and increasingly affects their ability to carry out daily tasks. This can be expressed in difficulties griping objects, reading books, eating and drinking, limitations on walking and moving around, stiffness in the body, a tendency to fall over, disrupted coordination, memory loss, speech problems and more.

All these symptoms prevent Parkinson disease suffers from following their normal life routine, and with time they become more and more dependant on family members.

Caring for people with Parkinson disease with the assistance of a professional caregiver can give some relief to the patient and take a load off the family.

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Caregivers for Alzheimer disease:

Alzheimer disease is a degenerative disease which effects the patients mental functioning. With time and the progression of the disease, Alzheimer disease patients will suffer from difficulties in brain function, mental problems, significant memory loss, false thoughts, confusion and cognitive deterioration to a degree when the patient can not even recognize his closest family members.  At its advanced stages, Alzheimer disease completely disrupts the patient’s ability to function and prevents them from crying out the daily tasks with which they had no difficulty before. Alzheimer disease patients may suffer from immobility, incontinence, unconscious states and severe physical problems, possibly even with swallowing food and drink.

Caregivers looking after Alzheimer disease patients make sure the patient is keeping a fixed routine in their normal environment and assist them with the daily tasks they have difficulties with. They accompany them everywhere and take care of their home, health and safety. Beyond this, the family can rest assured that the physical daily assistance is in professional hands.

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Caregivers for Cancer patients:

For cancer patients and their families, coping with this disease is hard and demanding both emotionally and physically.

Fighting cancer requires the whole family to find the emotional strength to support the patient and themselves.

Nursing care of cancer patient can ease the fatigue, exhaustion, low energy and weakness of the patient and let the family members involved to go on functioning, go back to regular lives knowing someone is looking after their loved one.

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Caregivers for handicapped people:

Men-Tal Care and personnel services specialize in assigning of caregivers to handicapped and restricted people who are trying to live a regular life in their usual environment. The company has long term experience recruiting caregivers to care for handicapped people and we are well aware of the special needs that arise when a handicapped person needs basic help in their home, but at the same time would like to maintain their privacy.

Men-Tal Care and personnel services bring together the wishes and needs of the restricted / handicapped person and a professional experienced caregiver who gives them the nursing care suitable for their condition.

It sometimes takes a while until the patient is independent again, and sometimes they need permanent care. During this period an experienced caregiver can ease the frustrations, troubles and daily difficulties in a way that improves the life of the handicapped while maintaining their self dignity.

As in other situations where people need constant care, the caregivers care for the patients with dedication and patience when helping the handicapped wash, eat, go out for fresh air, use the toilets, tend to the house and in some cases even help with physiotherapy.

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Caregivers for people recovering from brain stroke:

Brain strokes are caused by a sudden disruption in the body's functioning due to a lack of blood reaching the brain. It only takes 10 seconds for the organ suffering a blood shortage to start showing signs of physical malfunctioning. 30 minutes of malfunctioning can cause irreversible damage to the body. The outcome can be difficulty in swallowing food and drink, loss of speech ability, loss of walking ability, depression, vertigo and collapses.

The rehabilitation after a brain stroke is a long and complex process, which normally affects the patient as well the family members who care for him.

A caregiver who is experienced in nursing people in this state can give much needed help and support, easing the recovery from the brain stroke and enabling the patient and his family to retain a reasonable lifestyle and go back to their routine.

Men-Tal Care and personnel services migrant caregivers go through a careful selection process and training which contribute to their professionalism and ability to provide the constant attention needed by people recovering from a brain stroke.

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Caregivers for autistic people:

Autism is a developmental disruption out coming from a neurological brain problem. Autism manifests as difficulties connecting with people socially and emotionally, and as behavioral problems. It is usually diagnosed in children in the first years of life up to the age of three years old.

A high percentage of the diagnosed also suffer from some degree of mental retardation. Autism can be expressed as loss of speech and with time result in the development of a total dependence on a family member, or relocation to a special institute specialized in caring for such people but not healing them.

Although people with Autism may be more intelligent than large parts of the population, they cannot handle everyday existence and are in need of constant care. Nursing care of autistic children and youth requires maximum attention, time and energy to maintain their wellbeing and promote development.

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services are concerned with matching the best caregivers specializing in autism care with the patient and their family, in order to achieve the best treatment and emotional results.

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Caregivers for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis:

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune disease (where the body attacks itself), affecting people their thirties and forties and disrupting the functioning of the central nerves system. It creates periodic outbreaks of malfunctioning of the nervous system, which disrupt the patient’s normal life routine. The duration between these outbreaks is variable.  

The patients of MS can suffer of a variety of physical symptoms, from minor vision problems, difficulty writing or holding a glass, and through to partial or total paralysis of the body. In these cases the patient becomes handicapped and in need of a wheelchair to get about, which they are sometimes not able to maneuver themselves.

Other aspects of the disease can manifest in incontinence, mental difficulties, depression, crying, paranoia and euphoria. In these cases Men-Tal Care and personnel services can supply you with experienced caregivers who know the disease and its symptoms to ease the suffering of MS patients and their families.

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Men-Tal Care and personnel Services has specialized for over 12 years in allocating migrant caregivers to patients in need of supervision, constant attention and assistance. The company employs social workers who recognize the importance of compatibility between the patient and the caregiver, appreciating the unique complexities of every condition or disease of the patient.

Men-Tal Care and personnel Services help you handle all the bureaucratic procedures and paperwork needed to get eligibility permits and refunds from  the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, The National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Interior, that are required to bring a migrant worker to work as caregiver for your relatives and ensure them experienced professional care.

To contact us please call 1-700-700-455 or click here to leave your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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