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Procedure of employing migrant workers as caregivers:

Introducing a migrant worker as a caregiver in the home of someone who needs constant assistance requires the patient’s family to go through a bureaucratic and sometimes emotional procedure.

  1. Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services presents to you, in full detail, the procedure of employing a migrant worker for the care needs of the disabled, elderly and children.

  2. Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services assists the patient’s family obtaining an eligibility claim form from the National Insurance and/or the public health services and/or the Ministry of Labor and/or the Ministry of Defense.

  3. Men-Tal Care Service’s professional and skilled social workers, who specialize in care benefits, will assist you in completing and handling the application process for a permit from the specified unit in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. To include the eligibility claim form and the paid fee. (The fee for handing in this application to Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor is 260 NIS).To download the form click

On receipt of the permit, you will be able to choose a migrant worker to live with your relative and to provide partial or full 24 hour care to best suits their needs. At this point we will present to you with a selection of C.V’s and other information about the candidates while making all efforts to match the language of the caregiver, their origin and experience to the patient’s needs.

Please note! Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services caregivers are of the most skilled and dedicated in Israel. Our candidates go through a meticulous selection process in which they must under go thorough medical checks (making sure they are not carrying any infectious diseases such as HIV-Aids or Hepatitis, and not pregnant etc.) and detailed in-depth interviews. The suitable candidates then undergo a training seminar in full-board conditions where they are introduced to household, caring and basic Hebrew skills. Only caregivers successful in completing the training course are accepted to work for Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services. All aspects of the candidates training can be reinforced if necessary according to the patient’s needs.

Once a caregiver is selected, Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services will arrange an appointment for you at the Ministry of Interior. On the set date a family member or a Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services representative will attend this appointment on your behalf with all the adequate paperwork to receive the permit for bringing the specific caregiver to Israel. The ministry of Interior then sends the application to the relevant Israeli embassy in the caregiver's country of origin.

  1. Once the application is received at the embassy, the migrant worker is invited to an interview and to present their papers. Later they will be invited again to receive a working permit for Israel.

  2. As soon as the permit is received, a local employment agency will book a flight to Israel for the migrant worker on behalf of Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services.

  3. After arriving in Israel, the caregiver is introduced to the patient in order to get to know them, their conditions, and their specific personal needs. Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services social workers will accompany them and monitor this progress and integration into the patient's home and routine.

  4. A Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services representative will accompany every family and every patient closely and personally throughout the caregiver's employment at their home.

Men-Tal Care and Personnel Services will be in close communication with the disabled patient’s family, whether they live in or outside Israel. Our experience shows that a good choice of caregiver not only improves the patients' quality of life, but also gives the family the peace of mind of which they are so in need of.

To contact us please call 1-700-700-455 or click here to leave your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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